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Dairy in China Adventure 6.5

Here are a couple of travel pictures:

Road near Tangsang
Some sort of industry



Mandarin flash cards

These are flash cards used by Kai’s four your old daughter to the sounds letters make in English. The beginning of “grandmother” spoken in Mandarin sounds like a “p”, so the picture teaches how to make the right sound. Perhaps I can learn how to say cow in Mandarin.

Back in the car now after a quick stop at another farm. This one is older, and has about 1000 cows.

Farm sign
Garden out front
Milking parlor
Stalls bedded with rice hulls

In the lobby of the office they have gifts for the farm employees for the upcoming Chinese New Year:

Milk, rice, and eggs.

This farm uses automatic calf feeders:

Calf feeder pens

Were are just getting back to Beijing. Kai just told me that in China Haagen Daz ice cream is very expensive. They have TV ad showing a beautiful young woman. The voice says, “If you love her buy her Haagen Daz.”

More later…

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