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Back in China # 3

I am waiting for my companions after breakfast at the Hebei Grand Hotel. I still wake up around 1 AM and then mostly thrash around until about 5 when I can’t stand it any more, so I easily beat them to breakfast. This is the place with the great breakfast buffet. I tried a few more new things today>

From the Starch and Tuber Table

Not sure what all of this stuff was, even after consuming it… The yellow thing on the left is a yam, or sweet potato. The cylinder in the middle does taste like a potato, but I have never seen one that shape. The orange thing is some sort of squash; the round thing on the top is a cooked nut, and the other round thing remains unknown. This buffet has a whole bunch of stations. Much of them have items I do not recognize; nor do I know how to properly assemble the various dishes from the the items on the table. Mostly I watch the Chinese to figure it out. I thought I should try the yogurt since I am here on dairy trip. This one is red date flavored.


The proper way to consume it seems to be like this:

How to eat yorgurt

It is very runny, almost like milk. I tried my chopsticks first to no avail, so I went back to the serving area and got one of these small straws. It was quite flavorful. Hau tells me that Greek yogurt is becoming a big think in the grocery stores now because it is a big thing in the US. I wonder if it is this runny, and if so, how it can still be Greek yogurt, since I thought the consistency was kind of the point of the whole thing. Of course tea is huge here:

Tea Choices
Tea Condiments

Sorry about the blurry photo. The condiments appear to be things to add to one’s tea, although some look like they could be tea themselves. I will have to watch one of the locals to figure it out. Yesterday we had breakfast in what I would describe as a Chinese Hole in the Wall in Beijing. We had these kind of dumpling things like you see in this picture (from today). They have a filling that could be meat of vegetables, or who knows. I am talking about the white things in the back of this photo.

Eggs of course, are big here. One sees them in lots of things and prepared in many ways.

And, of couse, Watermelon Juice

Looks like the sleepyheads have awaken so I have to go. BTW, what was wrong with the picture yesterday: Dirty fans, really really dirty fans. The big one with louvers is supposed to be white. I asked when it was last cleaned. The manager said “2010”. I suppose the next cleaning is scheduled for 2020?

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